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Is Renting a Car in Florida Worth It?

Are you thinking about renting a car in Florida? Whether going on a road trip or enjoying a vacation in the Sunshine State, you must know how to ensure a safe and smooth car rental experience.

Let’s go over the important things you need to know about renting a car in Florida so you can confidently plan your trip. From requirements for renting a car to insurance needs and why you should rent a car, we’ll cover all the essentials for your car rental in Florida.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent a Car In Florida?

Renting a Car in Florida

Remember that most car rental companies and locations in the state require renters to be at least 25 years old. Some companies may have extra age restrictions, so checking with them before booking is wise.

If you’re under 25, there are still possible options available. Some rental companies provide special rates for young drivers, commonly known as a young driver fee. Remember that these rates or extra charges might be higher than the standard ones. Additionally, the renter is responsible for checking if some companies might ask for a co-signer or an additional deposit if you’re under 25.

What Is Required To Rent A Car In Florida?

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You need a valid driver’s license from your home state or country for renting a car in Florida. The permit must be in English, have your photo, and remain valid for the rental period. International visitors must also show a valid international driving permit alongside their regular license. Provide a valid license to be able to rent a car.

To rent a vehicle internationally, you typically need a driver’s license, a valid passport, and an International Driving Permit from your home country.

Present A Credit Card When Renting A Car

When renting, you must also present a valid credit card. This card secures the rental and covers additional fees during your rental period. 

Most car rental companies accept major credit cards. Ensure your credit card has enough available credit to cover the rental cost and potential extra fees. Confirm with the rental Company that they accept the specific credit card you plan to use.

The credit card serves as identification, so use the same card used for the reservation. It must be in your name and match the primary driver’s name. If someone else is driving, their name must also be on the credit card.

Note that some companies may place a hold on your credit card for an estimated amount, especially for luxury or larger vehicles. To avoid surprises, inquire about the Company’s policy on credit card holds. This is also a reason why using a debit card might not be advisable.

Should I Purchase Rental Car Insurance in Florida?

Many car rental companies offer insurance, but checking if your existing insurance covers you is important.

When renting a car in Florida, it’s crucial to understand your insurance options. Car rental companies typically provide basic insurance, but your personal car insurance or credit card might already cover you. Before renting, ensure you fully understand the rental agreement, including any insurance requirements.

Your auto insurance may cover you, but often, it includes only liability, not collision or comprehensive coverage. Check with your insurer to know your coverage for rental cars.

Your credit card could also offer coverage. Certain credit cards offer collision coverage, which varies depending on the specific card and issuer. Contact your credit card Company before booking to confirm rental car coverage and the types of protection offered.

If your personal insurance or credit card doesn’t offer sufficient coverage, you might need to buy additional insurance from the rental agency. Before signing any contracts, read the rental agreement carefully, and be aware that extra coverage can be costly.

What Are The Traffic Laws In Florida?

Before driving in Florida, make sure to understand the local traffic laws. If you’re from another U.S. state, many laws will be similar.

In the Sunshine State, drivers must follow all state laws, including staying within speed limits, wearing seatbelts, not driving under the influence and stopping at red lights, yielding to pedestrians, and avoiding texting while driving is crucial.

Be aware of posted signs, like those indicating no right turn on red. When turning right at a red light, come to a complete stop first.

When passing another vehicle, use your turn signal at least 100 feet before moving.

In rainy weather, avoid using hazard lights; it’s an outdated practice and may lead to a ticket. Instead, turn on your regular and fog lights if you have them.

Children aged five and younger must be in a car seat.

Finally, keep in mind that tailgating another car is against the law in Florida. Familiarizing yourself with these rules ensures a safe and legal driving experience.

Toll Roads In Florida With Rental Cars

Navigating Florida’s toll roads with a rental car can be convenient, and all rental companies in the state provide options for using their vehicles on toll roads.

A popular way to handle toll payments is by getting a SunPass account, a prepaid toll program facilitating automatic payments on toll roads throughout Florida. If you plan to use toll roads with your rental, sign up for a SunPass account before starting your journey.

Another option is the E-ZPass, which works in Florida and various other states, including much of the Northeast, South, and Midwest.

Rental car companies in Florida offer their own versions of toll programs, often called “toll pass” or “toll tag” programs. These programs let you pay tolls electronically, eliminating the need to stop at toll plazas. If you lack exact change, many toll booths are unstaffed, resulting in a toll by plate. With the rental car Company’s toll pass program, you can drive through the toll plaza, and the toll gets automatically deducted from your rental agreement, usually with an extra charge or convenience fee.

However, remember that these programs may involve additional fees, covering administrative costs, processing fees, and other charges linked to using the toll pass or tag. Before renting a car in Florida, inquire about the rental Company’s policies regarding toll roads to ensure awareness of all applicable fees.

Texting And Driving Rules In Florida

In Florida, there are strict rules regarding texting and driving. Operating a vehicle while manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers, symbols, or other characters into a wireless communications device to send or read data is illegal. This includes texting, emailing, and instant messaging.

Florida’s texting and driving laws are enforced as a primary offense, meaning law enforcement can stop a vehicle solely for observing a driver texting. Drivers are required to use hands-free devices for communication while driving, and violation of these rules may result in fines or other penalties.

It’s essential to be aware of and follow these rules to ensure safety on the road and comply with the law in Florida.

Why Rent A Car In Orlando, Florida?

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Having a car is essential unless you’re staying within theme parks and won’t be exploring beyond. While places like Walt Disney World have good bus systems, having a car makes it easier to get around, especially if you plan to venture outside the parks.

Florida’s public transportation system is limited. Although there are buses and trains connecting larger cities, it can take time to figure out their routes. Moreover, smaller beach towns like Daytona Beach may need a substantial public transportation system.

If you plan to visit Disney World without venturing off-property and you’re comfortable relying on Disney’s efficient transportation system, then no, a car is optional.

However, renting a car in Orlando is recommended if you intend to explore beyond Disney property or visit other theme parks in the area.

Having a rental car provides the freedom to go where you want when you want, without relying on public transportation or waiting for rideshare services. This flexibility allows you to explore various attractions at your own pace.

Renting a car is often more cost-effective, especially for groups or families. Sharing the rental cost allows you to save money while enjoying the convenience and independence of having your vehicle.

Furthermore, a rental car enables day trips outside of Orlando, providing easy access to nearby beaches and theme parks like Universal Studios, Disney World, and Sea World. For those seeking adventure, it opens up opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Central Florida’s state parks and wilderness areas.

In summary, if you’re seeking a convenient and budget-friendly way to explore Orlando and the nearby areas, renting a car is a worthwhile choice.

It’s advisable to book your rental car in advance.

Renting a car in Orlando is an excellent way to explore the city and nearby areas. It’s important to book your rental in advance to ensure availability. This ensures you get the right type of car for your needs and guarantees its availability when you need it.

Compare prices from different rental companies and factor in any add-ons like GPS or child seats at the time of rental. Check each Company’s terms and conditions carefully before booking, considering age limits or driver’s license requirements. Additionally, verify the details regarding the car rental location.

Booking ahead also ensures a car is ready for you upon arrival. Orlando is a trendy tourist destination, which also extends to car rentals. Secure your reservation in advance to have a stress-free experience when you get there.

Best Car Rental In Orlando Airport

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When flying into Orlando International Airport MCO, ensuring a quick and convenient journey to your destination is vital. Finding the best Orlando car rental airport is crucial in achieving this.

A significant factor is opting for companies that offer cars available for pickup from inside the terminal or from different airport locations. This eliminates the need for shuttles to off-site locations, streamlining the process of getting your rental car.

Signature Luxury car and limo services in Orlando, Florida guarantees you’ll find the best car service at Orlando Airport at the most competitive price.

How Much is a Rental Car in Orlando, Florida?

When assessing the costs of transportation, various factors come into play. Renting a car costs depends on factors like the car type, rental duration, and expenses for insurance and fuel.

Conversely, if you opt for Uber, your ride cost hinges on distance, time of day, and your chosen vehicle type. Additional considerations include potential surge pricing during peak hours or holidays. You can input your destination and pickup location (Downtown Orlando, Disneyland) to estimate the rideshare cost, considering that prices fluctuate throughout the day.

To get the best value in Orlando, compare both options based on total cost, convenience, comfort, and safety. Planning and being flexible with your schedule may make renting a car more economical. However, Uber might be the more suitable choice if you require quick or long-distance travel.

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